Dutch Digler

They call him Dutch Digler, Mr International aka Mr What, Mr Who? He is the personification of a gentleman. If Sammy Davis Jr could freestyle and Fred Astaire was black with an 007 persona, you could begin to imagine how talented, entertaining and multidimensional Digler is. He has a flow that is both a tribute to modern Hip Hop as well as good old-fashioned emcee-ing, and with a powerful voice, creative lyrics and great humour, Digler’s music is an invitation to celebrate the good life. His vision is to invite the whole world to join him in Diglerland!


Dutch Digler is spontaneous. Where most artists write their lyrics in advance, Digler's work appears unfiltered through freestyle, which defines the framework of the given composition - always characterized by Digler's voice. Digler's sound is inspired by artists like D'Angelo, John Legend and Black Thought, constructed by elements from Neo-Soul, RnB and Pop. Although inspired by Hip Hop’s Golden Era, Dutch experiments with sounds from Deep House and Trap. In addition to possessing an exceptional voice, Dutch is able to rap any emcee off the stage with a captivating presence and hypnotizing crowd control. Dutch Digler was born to entertain.


As a member of the famous Baltimore group, Nuance, Dutch Digler learned to fine-tune his own sound from the very beginning of his career. His enchanting voice and his rebellious spirit made him a valuable part of the group, and you could always expect the best of entertainment when Dutch Digler was on stage. His experience in the United States as well as on the international music scene increased his skills and built a strong foundation for his talent to evolve. As a dedicated and faithful fan of Hip Hop, Digler is well groomed and after a world tour with Busta Rhymes, he became fascinated by traveling with his music. In 2009, Digler moved to Germany, where he collaborated with the publishing company Musics Supervisor and EMI Director, Andre Van Veugt. Digler started working with Universal Music and developed his skills as an artist, performer, manager and businessman. Traits that he later used to create the entertainment company The Writerz Block. In search of new adventures and challenges, he moved to Copenhagen in 2015 where he has since signed with Affiliated. You can’t overlook Dutch Digler's presence in the industry.