Fundi Wake

Fundi Wake’s authenticity strikes as the first word leaves his lips. With a penetrating voice and vivid punch-lines, Fundi Wake delivers original and unpredictable flows with perfect precision. With his real name Siamito and roots in Tanzania, it's hard not to be convinced by Fundi Wake’s credibility and fluent articulation in his native tongue, English. Despite his young career as a rapper, Fundi Wake has rapidly evolved and is ready to show his talent to the world.


Fundi Wake's musical agenda is clear; create music with a broad appeal without compromising his sound. Fundi Wake was born with a voice for rap and with a touch of humour, he reflects on speculations he makes about his everyday life. He has an outstanding ability to deliver his bars with a clear and smooth expression that creates a pleasant listening experience for the audience. Inspired by everything from the dusty and rowdy Boom Bap by Joey Badass, to the mellow and laid back Trap inspired by Big Sean, Fundi holds an elegant balance between hardcore bangers and delicate Trip-Hop tunes.


Siamito was born and raised in Tanzania and spent part of his life living with his father in Austria. At the age of 20, he moved to Denmark to study computer-science, where he quickly reconnected with his friend, Tarick from Tanzania, who introduced him to the Hip Hop collective, which later became Affiliated. Fundi Wake now pursues his dream of becoming one of the next big names in the international Hip Hop scene.