Hakami is a true prodigy. With a powerful, unique voice and a twist of Pop, Hakami brings something new to the Urban genre. His music makes you to want more. Hakami is known for his humbleness. In spite of being one of the biggest talents in greater Copenhagen, he learned the importance of being polite at a young age and has maintained his reputation for it since. Meeting Hakami face to face resembles the experience of his live performance. He is grounded, confident and always brings a smile to your face.


Hakami’s sound is intended for airplay. His music is rooted in Urban-Pop, often influenced by Hip Hop, which makes a delicate recipe for today’s sound. Hakami is a poet. His feelings and observations show in his music and constitute his character as a deep and authentic artist. His lyrics paint pictures and give you the feeling of knowing him. He writes about the things that inspire him and what he appreciates.


Hakami has always used song to express his emotions. He tells stories through lyrics and uses music as a getaway from everyday life. At the age of eight, Hakami began to sing, as his parents went through a divorce. It helped him deal with his emotions and get through a hard period of his life. As he grew, he kept singing, developing his talent, and at the age of 12, Hakami had already won seven talent competitions. Hakami’s favorite class in school was music. He formed a Pop band called Payable Overdose and made a YouTube channel, where they performed cover songs. They started performing on the streets of Copenhagen, singing their hearts out to bypassing people. After a year on the streets, Hakami began to experiment with jazz, soul and rap, which is easily heard in his sound today. At the age of 16 Hakami got signed by Affiliated.