Manus Bell

Manus Bell is a raptivist. With a strong sense of indignation and a phenomenal flow, he uses Hip Hop to convey his view of the world. His deep and recognizable voice contains a sincerity that draws the listener into his serious themes, and with more than a hundred concerts, an album, an EP and a several singles on his CV, Manus Bell has made a strong impact on the Danish Hip Hop scene. Today he is recognized in the environment as one of few Danish rappers with potential for an international breakthrough and has attracted interest outside Denmark's borders with praise from American rappers such as Jedi Mind Tricks, MURS and R.A. The Rugged Man, who has personally requested Manus Bell as his support act for his last three concerts in Denmark. With a raw indulgence, a captivating voice and an exceptional sense of rhythm, Manus Bell can capture and control any crowd. Manus Bell has performed with major American artists such as A-F-R-O, Eamon, Lock Smith and Mr. Green. He received his first international acknowledgement in 2014 after being granted 7th place in the worldwide rap competition The Definition of a Rap Flow. Since then, Manus Bell’s career has taken off and with a ton of shows all over Denmark, Manus Bell has performed at Smukfest, Pumpehuset, Vega, Voxhall, Bremen Theater and Distortion.


Manus Bell is a true master of flow. Delivery is his number one priority and his technical abilities are in the absolute top class when he spits double-tempo triples at the speed of light, and makes it look easy. Manus Bell’s recognizable voice is the essence of his sound, and he uses the sensation of his vocal expression to create an atmosphere that encourages the listener to pay attention to what he has at heart. Manus Bell's sense of righteousness shines through in his lyrics as he, with poetic honesty and anger, invites the audience into a world of political conflict, socio-cultural observations and social criticism. As a self-taught producer, Manus Bell composes most of his own music and has created a progressive sound universe, using dusty Jazz samples and live horns to compliment the heavy, driving drums. This combination gives a nuanced and melodic feeling, while maintaining the power of Boom Bap Hip Hop - a sound that, like the lyrics, resonates with sincerity.


Manus Bell was born in 1991 and spent the first three years of his life in Northern Ireland. Before moving to Copenhagen at the age of eight, he had already lived in the cities of Belfast, Bangkok and Sarajevo. The complicated political situations in these countries have laid the foundation for Manus Bell’s political interest and commitment to raptivism. Early in his life, Manus Bell developed a taste for the brutally honest lyrics from the Hip Hop Golden Era. When he was 15, he began to listen to Immortal Technique and Jedi Mind Tricks, who he believes are among the greatest revolutionaries of our time. Here he discovered that rap could be used as a direct channel to discuss political issues and spread a message. Influenced by an upbringing in a politically active environment, Manus Bell quickly became aware of the overall theme in his lyrics - inequality. After a few years as a hobby rapper, Manus Bell received his first musical recognition in 2014, when he was awarded 7th place in R.A. The Rugged Man's worldwide rap competition "The Definition of a Rap Flow". In 2015 he founded the independent record label, Home Studio Productions (HSP) where he signed the artists Buzzer, HejMahn, Canarge, Jumelo, Stefan Iwan, Bernie Pastor and Yuwanit, who later became a partner and director of the company. With 50+ releases, hundreds of concerts and countless experiences with HSP, the label merged with Idyllic Entertainment, and is now called Affiliated. Manus Bell is educated in Communication & Performance Arts at Roskilde University. In addition to rapping, producing and running the independent record label Affiliated, Manus Bell works as a rap coach for the organizations RAPOLITICS and Livsbanen.