With an energetic and raw delivery, the young talent, Mellow has already attracted attention from established artists such as Mund de Carlo, Adam Sampler and Pede B. With a unique flow, refined craftsmanship and a renewed approach to modern Hip Hop, Mellow is among the most promising emcees on the Danish rap scene. In recent years, Mellow has played a bunch of shows and has, along with other Affiliated artists, performed at several of Denmark's most iconic venues. He captures his audience with intelligent rhyme schemes, a high level of energy and rowdy punch-lines delivered with precision. In autumn 2017 Mellow contributed to the Danish rap king Pede B's latest album 'Sparring'. Pede B describes Mellow as follows: “It's like Mellow has taken the best from the melodic rap-school and the best of the lyrical-oriented craft, and thus created his own expression, which I think he’ll get far with." - Pede B


In collaboration with Affiliateds composers, Mellow creates a unique sound with the combination of sharp vocals, sturdy productions and a touch of modern Soundcloud-inspired Hip Hop. This approach creates a dynamic atmosphere when the young artist delivers his rhymes with accuracy and a high level of energy. His lyrical universe has roots in Mellow's love for the new European wave with rappers like Skepta, Krept & Konan and Nekfeu, where technique and delivery are a significant part of the sound image.


Mellow grew up in Farum, where he began to write and rap at a young age. He met rapper and co-owner of Affiliated, Silhouette at the age of 15 at a local rap school, where Silhouette and Mellow's brother taught rap and Hip Hop. Mellow's music was first inspired by the sound of Hip Hop’s Golden Era but he slowly developed the more experimental new-school style that characterizes him today.