”I would feel trapped without the freedom to make music.” – Q.Marzi

Q.Marzi is a street kid. His crisp voice invites you on a euphoric journey with a combination of Urban and Reggae elements. It is clear that Q.Marzi is passionate about music when the Copenhagen rapper creates an atmosphere that encourages the audience to sing along to songs they have never heard before. There is a guaranteed party when Q.Marzi is invited and he doesn’t leave until everyone is satisfied. Q.Marzi balances between two worlds - besides his career as solo artist, he acts as one of the front men in the Reggae band, Fars Rum under the alias HejMahn. Q.Marzi is a true entertainer and performer who, with a good sense of humour, an urban attitude and an explosive energy, always gives the audience an experience that is hard to top.


Q.Marzi entertains and seduces his audience with everything from modern Hip Hop vibes to hot Dancehall rhythms and Reggae tunes. He plays creatively with words and adventurous imagery that paints pictures before the eyes of the listener. With 12 years of experience as a musician, Q.Marzi has managed to create a unique sound with room for both humorous and serious topics and themes. Common to all of his songs are thoughtful messages delivered with sharp precision, often between the lines. Q.Marzi manages to master several genres, and can adapt his vocals to anything from heavy, hard Hip Hop beats to seductive, down-played rhythms and melodies from the Caribbean. His good sense of voice-control and articulation makes every single word surface clearly, when the energetic talent raps, sings or toasts.


Q.Marzi grew up in Farum in the 90s, where Hip Hop was beginning to spread widely throughout the town. The environment shaped Q.Marzi's character, and he developed an early passion for rap. In 2008, Q.Marzi co-founded the rap-group, Cirkus Farlig, which quickly gained attention from the Copenhagen Hip Hop scene. Later, Q.Marzi became part of a Hip Hop collective on Refshaleøen, where he rapidly developed his own style, which today is recognizable from the second he opens his mouth. In 2015, Home Studio Productions signed Q.Marzi under the alias of HejMahn, where he released his debut EP “Gadedreng” as well as the EP “Solskin Bag Sky” and the album “Flap Med De Vinger” in collaboration with Fars Rum.