In a time of musical gimmicks and mainstream trends, Silhouette is a breath of fresh air and an important challenger to the Danish music catalogue. He has a deep, captivating voice that makes listeners want more and goes hand in hand with his often organic and soulful productions. At the same time, Silhouette has a dark and raw side that unfolds on heavy bangers and brutal Trap beats. With great authority and credibility, Silhouette manages to hit a wide variety of emotions in his music. He has worked behind the scenes for years, developed his musical ability and also functions as a songwriter and top-liner for other artists. After performing at some of Denmark's biggest venues, and with more than 100 concerts behind him, the 27-year-old rapper is a seasoned and experienced live musician who, with great character and personality, captures his crowd and creates an authentic atmosphere of togetherness.


Silhouette is a chameleon and adapts to the developing industry. He manages to stay relevant across genres while maintaining a red thread in his music with thoughtful formulations and challenging statements. There is no doubt about Silhouette’s credibility when he wraps complicated phrase constructions into metaphors and imagery. He floats between different styles and genres, but finds it important to maintain a signature sound and is always recognizable. Many of his melodic compositions have roots in Soul, Jazz and RnB, which are delicately merged with sub-genres of Hip Hop. By combining raw and energetic vocals with relaxed and melodic productions, he creates an original sound image – a unique interpretation of how to convey modern music today. Silhouette doesn’t hide behind a facade or image, but is authentic and stays focused on the originality of his content.


Silhouette, whose real name is Alexander Engel, has always been surrounded by music. His grandfather was a drummer in the band The Cliffters, and his father DeePee was the founder of the legendary Danish rap group, Rockers By Choice. However, Silhouette’s childhood was complicated. Raised by a single mother and having two younger siblings, taught Silhouette to take responsibility and live up to obligations. When Silhouette was 13, he started writing lyrics with his best friend and spent all of his time rapping along to classic Hip Hop albums at the local library. As a young man, he founded the record label, Idyllic Entertainment, which later merged with Home Studio Productions under the name Affiliated. Besides rapping and running the label, Silhouette has been chairman of Furesø Rapskole and works as a rap coach for the organisations RAPOLITICS and Livsbanen.