SNDY & 20/20

The producer duo SNDY & 20/20 are exceptional beat-makers. They have worked together since the beginning of their careers and have developed a constructive and dynamic teamwork that manages to optimize the product and at the same time provide space for each of them to develop their core competencies and artistic drives. At 20 years of age, SNDY has already developed excellent skills in several genres and has a promising career ahead of him. The same can be said about 20/20, who understands how to put together heavy Trap beats, that can bring out the inner head-banger in anyone. When their merits merge, a certain feeling is created that makes listeners lose track of time and space. The dynamic duo is a dangerous cocktail and unique to both of them is their comprehension of the modern and international sound universe. They are uncompromising in their approach, and only the imagination can set the limit for their final destination.


The quality of SNDY & 20/20's productions is evident from the second their tracks begin. Whether it's atmospheric piano-based tunes or hard Atlanta inspired Trap, an extremely high standard is maintained and the musical features planned down to the smallest detail. You get blown away as soon as 20/20’s heavy bass-lines and punchy kicks land in the drop with overwhelming impact. This is complimented by SNDY, who with intense technical skills adds magical melodies and enchanting ambience. Their level of skill and musical prowess can be heard when effects unfold and harmonious vocal samples are transformed into instruments. Together, they create a soundscape that allows rap and autotune-vocals to flow perfectly into an ocean of seductive melody and rhythm.