Jakob Christiansen

Despite his young age, Jakob has managed to create an original artistic identity. He has a good understanding of atmospheric elements and driving rhythms as expressed in his music, always delivered with explosive precision. Jakob has, with only 20 years of age, great potential of becoming the next big influence on Denmark’s sound and is well on his way to establishing himself as a respected artist on the Danish Hip Hop scene.


Jakob's sound scape was born out of urban Hip Hop, where he combines composing and sampling to create a unique interpretation of today’s music. Jakob flows between everything from hard, ruthless Boom Bap beats, to soft RnB/Soul inspired Trap tunes. His melancholic sound universe is complimented by jazzy and, at times, dusty elements, which contribute to the organic feeling in his artistic work. He emphasizes the emotional presence in his productions, and strives for it by using catchy melodies and modern components from today's music.