Curiosity is the word that best describes Yuwanit. As a producer, he is always on the lookout for new musical insights and challenges that can expand his horizons. He believes that everything is possible and knows no limits in music, which contributes to his uncompromising productions. Yuwanit has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the sound of the Danish music scene and takes pride in renewing himself and making use of the latest methods and techniques in the industry. He strives to develop with the modern wave of music while maintaining personal expression in his productions, and after many years of experience, Yuwanit has defined his very own sound that is recognizable from the moment his beats drop. In addition to producing, Yuwanit supports the rest of Affiliated's producers with sparring, idea-developing and general guidance in connection with compositions.


Yuwanit's sound is emotional and his music expresses the mood under which it was produced. One beat can scream of melancholy, while another can provide the will-power to conquer the world – though always recognizable with Yuwanit’s unique touch. In addition, his repertoire clearly shows that he possesses the ability to execute with precision across genres. Pulsating House rhythms, atmospheric ambience, driving percussion and gliding melodies are all in play when Yuwanit sets the stage. He is self-taught and explores the interfaces between the organic and electronic when striving to implement elements from different genres to create a holistic expression. Yuwanit adapts to the people he works with and aims to achieve the sound requested by artists. His experience working together with a wide range of rappers, vocalists and composers has also given him strong competencies as a songwriter and top-liner.